Z-ABS (800 gram)

PLN 146.00
(146 PLN net)

Z-ABS 3D printing material is a versatile solution for affordable prototyping and manufacturing. The mat surface of this basic plastic filament allows for easy chemical and mechanical post-processing. Z-ABS is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals looking for a low-cost, durable 3D printing material.


Main Features:

  • Low-cost 3D printing
  • Basic material
  • Mat surface
  • Easy post-processing


  • Prototypes
  • Concept models
  • Low-cost drafting
  • Figurines
  • Gaming and toys
  • Gadgets and decorative accessories
  • Display models
  • DIY projects
  • Educational aids
  • Pure Black
  • Pure White
  • Cool Grey
  • Red
  • Green
  • Warm Gray
  • Sky Blue
  • Yellow

M200 Plus
M300 Plus

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