Z-SEMIFLEX (2000 gram)

PLN 699.00
(699 PLN net)

Z-SEMIFLEX, a semi-elastic 3D printing material, is resistant to greases and high temperatures. Objects 3D printed with this rubber-like material can be squeezed and teared with no risk of damaging them. Z-SEMIFLEX is perfect filament for tools and prototypes used in adverse industrial environments or for 3D printing medical training models.

Main Features:
•    Elasticity and impact strength
•    Low shrinkage and warping
•    Resistant to greases, chemicals and high temperatures

•    Industrial parts and tools
•    Automotive industry
•    Medical assessment models
•    End-use parts with medium elasticity
•    Parts resistant to high temperatures up to 130˚ C / 266˚ F
•    Parts exposed to greases, light acids and alkalis

  • Black

M300 Dual

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